Product Editions

ShopKeeper Job Control Basic Edition allows a business owner to easily create a proposal from part estimates, build jobs and check on jobs status. With material control functions for both inventory and purchased items you can manage your assets in real-time, create shipping documents with attached certifications, and export shipment data to your preferred accounting system.

ShopKeeper Job Control Advanced Edition adds features to the solution that allow bird’s-eye view planning and comprehensive control of production activity via our Open Orders Dashboard. In addition to this enhanced level of execution the Advanced Edition also provides the Company Summary – a live roll-up scoreboard of key metrics of business health: how many orders are open vs. late; are there any Quality issues open, how many new parts need pre-production review by the team, etc.

ShopKeeper Job Control Premium Edition is our most capable product and adds to the features in the Advanced Edition to include management of large, complex assembly jobs and most critically the management of material resource planning (MRP) for all orders entered into the system. In a busy assembly manufacturing business, Job Control Premium streamlines the entry and management of the interrelated complement of jobs, purchase orders and assembly operations to deliver on-time.

The choice is yours on how to grow your business, ShopKeeper Job Control is there from the start.