Insite Software Solutions was started in 1985 by Lew Hicks. Lew is a veteran of the machine shop world, having made add-in numeric controllers for the machining industry. He was joined a few years later by Kim Mosher. Kim’s background in the integrated circuit industry and custom printed circuit board business gives him a thorough understanding of what it is like to manage a job shop.

ShopKeeper was released as our flagship product to help solve the problems faced by job shop owners and medium sized company to make them more efficient in back office process and production floors.  We have always listened to clients needs and continue to do so in order to build a better product.

Recently, we have begun to expand the reach and scope of our operation to allow for widespread distribution of the ShopKeeper and ShopKeeper Premium software package, along with top-notch training and technical support.

But through this expansion it is our intention to maintain our dedication to personal service, which we think makes us unique in the software industry.

Insite Software Solutions, Inc. and our ShopKeeper series of software packages are sure to become a major force in the job shop software industry.