Time Clock and QC Inspection Data Collection

  • Appropriate for all size shops
  • Data is available in real time to update job status

Q. C. Level 1 Inspection part lot logging with links to DMR & Reports

  • Appropriate for all size shops
  • DMR reports may be filled out and printed to track both internal defects as well as vendor defects
  • QC Lot logging collects data for department rating for ISO requirements
  • Vendor performance may be tracked for rejects as well as on-time deliveries
  • Your shipping performance may be tracked for rejects as well as on-time deliveries

Q. C. Level 2

  • QC Inspection Requirements:
    • Each Manufacturing Operation step may have any number of features that require checking
    • Each feature establishes the method of inspection, the sample size, the frequency, responsible party, and location of inspection. Additionally high and low limits may be established for later auto parts checking operations
  • QC Inspection Data Collection:
    • A dedicated shop floor screen is designed to input dimensional data as parts are made

Advance Assembly Estimation

  • Allows creation of assembly estimates of any complexity with as many levels as necessary
  • Complete customization of calculators for work centers, operations, types of materials and types of parts


  • Seamless integration with ShopKeeper job modules
  • Features include:
    • Complete General Ledger
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Accounts Payable
    • Payroll Integration
    • Multitude of Tracking Capabilities
    • Full Array of Financial Reports